Sunday, February 19, 2006


Yesterday I turned 35 years old. It sounds like a serious age and some people call it the age of maturity and completeness. Strangely I don't feel as such. First I thought that maybe I am reaching the first half of my life but honestly speaking I know that this is not relevant. The older we get and the closer we are to death, we understand that life is never granted and can be taken from us anytime, anywhere and in anyway.What matters is the present day and the experiences we've had in the past that makes us who we really are.

Maybe the right question is : "Who am I?" But do we ever know or understand ourselves fully?
I am thinking of some life experiences I've had, what does it tell you, and what does it tell me?

  • Births: 2

The first one 35 years ago in France in an English hospital (by chance...) and the second time when visiting a church in Bergamo, Italy, 5 years ago.

  • Sisters and brothers: 2

Two twin sisters Naomi and Ludivine (I love you so!!!)

  • Jobs : about 7

6 summer jobs and 1 permanent : English teacher for the last 10 years (time flies...)

  • Years abroad : 2

1 in Dublin as an Au pair and 1 in Cork as a university student.

  • Students I've taught : an average of 1,900 (mmm... no, I don't remember all their names....)
  • Copies I've corrected: about 30 000! (how many red pens does that make???)
  • Activities practised: racing, horseriding, rowing, archery, playing the guitar, singing in a Gospel choir, Flamenco dancing, painting, photography, blogging...
  • Countries visited: 22 countries and 16 American States.
  • Marriage experience : None...
  • Children: None...
  • Living with someone: besides my family and students in Ireland, No one!!
  • Times I quit smoking : 7 (and 4 times in the last 4 months, any good advice welcome....)
  • People I killed : None! (except a spider by accident... sorry Dear...)
  • Languages studied : 9 but I can only speak 3....
  • Photo exhibition : 1 in July 2005 in Granada Spain.
  • Craziest experiences : Besides the normal routine.... 4!

a) sustaining a long-distance destructive relationship for 5 years, b) flying to San Francisco just to say good bye to some memories, c) spending 4 days in a California desert with a man I didn't know, d) Jumping out of a chairlift 4 meters high...

  • Missed planes : 1 (going to Finland)
  • Planes that never arrived to destination : 1 (going to Dublin...)
  • Cars owned: 6 ( 5 old ones and 1 unlucky new one...)
  • Car accident : 1 ( the unlucky one...)
  • Relationships that really mattered: 4
  • Passionate relationship :1
  • Unconventional relationships : 2
  • Long-distance relationships: 3 (are they related to the ones above? I would say yes...)
  • Experience of male cowardice : 3 (or more...)
  • Total regrets so far: I'm afraid NONE.... ;-)


Anonymous said...

quelle belle femme !
vous avez un tres joli visage madame huet

cendrynne said...

Merci beaucoup...Que les anonymes se devoilent, surtout s'ils connaissent mon nom...;-)

Anonymous said...

et c est pas ce qu elle a de plus beaux!!!! Son coeur est 10 fois plus etincelant!!