Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Today I was feeling blue, like we all can feel at times in our life. I had this feeling that everything turns out the wrong way, that nothing works the way it should and that the more it rains outside, the more sad events it brings to my life.
I lost a beloved relative last week, my mother is going through hard moments with her cancers and last weekend I had a serious argument with someone I love, which brought a definitve end to our relationship.
I've been feeling miserable inside, feeling my self-esteem at its lowest and my hopes reduced to ashes.
Am I somehow responsible for all those misfortunes?
Can I be a bad person at times?
Was I wrong to expect things to happen?
Deep inside my heart, I don't feel perfect but I don't think totally wrong either...
When it's time for doubts and questions, sorrow and pain, we should always keep an eye open to what is good in our life.
Whereas I was in the expectation for something to happen , life has taught me today that unexcepted events occur to give us hope and cheer us up when we most need it.
Even if our days are cloudy, there will always be sunshine or an Angel coming out.
Today was a blessing because this morning my best friend from Italy called me to ask me to be the Godmother of her son.

Today was a blessing because when I opened my casebook at school this afternoon a letter fell out, a sweet birthday card from one of my students.
Today was a blessing because I received a mail from an Irish friend I had lost contact with for more than 12 years.
Today was a blessing because someone I don't know and who lives in Nepal, where I will be volunteering this Summer, remembered my birthday and sent me a card.
Everyday is a blessing because I have a wonderful family , some beloved friends, some sweet students and lots of wonderful people who have crossed or will one day cross my path.
Sometimes we make mistakes, sometimes we don't do the right thing or say the right word, but life will always remember who you really are and there is always an Angel somewhere to look after you.

To all the people in my life, past, present or future and to my Angel I just want to say
"Thank You!!"


celine said...

I love you little angel, and never doubt about who you are : pure, and how we love you.
listen yours own needs and desires.

Love and friendless forever


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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